Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Responsibility! on the lighter side!

Responsibility can be hard at times, but it is inevitable that we all must take action to be responsible. I learned a great lesson the past couple of days on being careless and not taking proper responsibility for what I thought was a "small" problem. Well, here's the story and the lesson:

On Wednesday I went to the driving range with my brother-in-law to hit some golf balls. We were excited because it was free to hit balls. I was borrowing some clubs and didn't have a glove on like normal. Well the friction from the clubs caused a small blister smaller than a dime on my left index finger. I went home and washed it with soap and water and put some tea tree oil (natural antiseptic) to kill any bacteria and then put a band aid on. On Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) I played some football and the blister popped. I removed the band aid and showered to wash it and then I thought I would let it get some air without re-band-aiding it... not a good idea..

That afternoon we played family games that included bouncy balls, balloons, pillows, and musical chairs and I popped it again. This time no band aids were available and I thought nothing of it and went about the day. That night I started shivering and went to bed...washed again with a band aid. Yesterday, Friday when I woke up, my finger had swollen, was very warm and tingly and I had a solid red line from my finger, straight up my arm to my armpit. This seemed a bit odd so I jumped on line and discovered that I had symptoms of an infection from the blister. . . great...

Now I must go see the doc and get fun and not cheap! Unfortunately we're on vacation and the only thing open was an instacare so we had to pay $75 for a 5 minute visit for the Doctor to prescribe an antibiotic to kill the infection. The pills cost $4 at WalMart for one week.
A great lesson learned... take responsibility for things that seem minor to prevent an outrageous, unneeded bill or consequence. Had I put the proper dressing and antiseptics on the blister the full time it would have healed and not developed infection...costing 25 cents for a couple of band aids instead of a $79 visit to the instacare. ugh! Remember an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!


Brett and Tiffany said...

Great story! It reminds me how we have to take time for the little things! SEe you guys soon!

johnandjana said...

Sorry that you got an infection. We all need to be more responsible and do what we know we should. Get home safely. Love ya.

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