Sunday, December 20, 2015

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Where Are You Christmas?

Another beautiful rendition for this Christmas season...

~C.J. Poulsen
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

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2015 First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional



The First Presidency invites Church members and their friends to participate in the First Presidency’s Christmas devotional broadcast on Sunday, December 6, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. mountain standard time.
The program, originating from the Conference Center in Salt Lake, City, Utah, will include Christmas messages from Church leaders and music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

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O Holy Night | Tiffany Alvord - #ASaviorIsBorn

Tiffany Alvord has a beautiful voice and sings one of my favorite Christmas songs here!  She has great talent.  Enjoy and share ~ 

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

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A Savior is Born


More than 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior.  Jesus Christ was born to save us from our sins, born so we can be born again and return to live with God someday.  Let us rejoice greatly this Christmas season, for unto all of us #ASaviorIsBorn.

On this 3rd of December 2015 I am humbly grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who created a plan of happiness for each one of us.  We all chose in a previous life to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ and accepted this plan.  We knew that coming to earth would not be a cake walk but rather a test of our faith.  How is your faith in Jesus Christ
This plan would allow us to receive a mortal body and gain experiences to help us journey through life on earth.  We knew that we would face temptations from the evil one to sin and falter.  But we also knew that experiencing sin and evil we could feel and see good and righteousness as an opposite way of life.
 We knew that our testing period on earth would be endured more easily if we turned to the Savior, Jesus Christ, who was sent in our behalf to atone for our sins and overcome spiritual death.  We knew that He would be persecuted and hung upon the cross to overcome physical death.  We knew that he would resurrect and LIVE again!  
I testify that I know my Redeemer Lives.  I know that He loves each one of us and offered the ultimate sacrifice.  His life was one of perfect obedience to the father in all things.
As the Christmas season is upon us, may we take the time to reflect often what Christ has done for each one of us.
I am committed this month to take time each day and thank our Heavenly Father for the gift of His son, Jesus Christ and reflect upon our abundant blessings.  This is my gift back to them.  Please share this video if it lifted your spirit this day!

 ~ C.J. Poulsen

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Young Mormons on a Mission

Young Mormons on a Mission
Young Mormons on a MissionLDS church gave ABC News'Bob Woodruff rare access to missionaries in Louisiana.
Posted by United Latter Day Saints on Sunday, November 29, 2015

I am grateful for the opportunity each day to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with those around me.  I served a full-time mission 15 years ago in Sacramento California and saw many Come Unto Christ.  I was called Hmong speaking and had a life-changing experience that helped me build a foundation for the rest of my life.  Those will surely be days never forgotten!

~ C.J. Poulsen 
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Angels We Have Heard on High

It is that special season once again as we reflect on our Savior, Jesus Christ and His mortal ministry upon this Earth.   This AWESOME video above depicts the reason for the season and was launched last year to celebrate the Savior's birth.   After showing my children this Angels We Have Heard on High rendition on YouTube they have requested to re-watch it over and over throughout this past year.   Nearly every night when I lie them down to sleep they request to sing this song along with their stories and prayer...Yep, we've got it memorized and sang it all summer long.

This past week I have reflected a lot on our Savior Jesus Christ and my heart has been full of gratitude for all the blessings that we have been given.  His sacrifice in our behalf is the greatest event that has ever occurred in the history of all mankind.  The anointed Messiah atoned for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and died upon the cross of Calvary after living a life free of sin and of perfect obedience to our Father in Heaven.  He is our exemplar in all things.  I am grateful for my knowledge and testimony that He lives.  I know that Jesus Christ was resurrected and lives today.  I have obtained this witness because the Holy Ghost has manifest this truth over and over to me throughout my life. 

May we all take a few minutes each day to reflect on our abundant blessings and the reason for the season!  Enjoy the sweet message and amazing talent performed here!

~ C. J. Poulsen
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

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Tijuana Mexico Temple Opens for Public Tours

The 13th temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico opens for public tours starting Friday, November 13, 2015, and running through Saturday, November 28.
Guided tours will be available on Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There are no tours on Sundays.
If you live in the following region I would highly recommend you make plans to attend the open house and tour the temple.  It will be a great experience.
After the dedication, the temple will serve the 45,000 Latter-day Saints living in the region, including those in Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate, Mexicali, Ensenada, San Luis Rio Colorado, San Quintín, San Felipe and Guerrero Negro. 

There are currently 148 operating temples throughout the world. Adding the Tijuana Temple will greatly ease the travel difficulties faced by Latter-day Saints who now travel to the San Diego California Temple or to the Hermosillo Sonora Temple.

Mormon Temples: A Conversation with a Church Leader

I love to see the temple and the beauty and light it resonates.  By simply walking on the temple grounds brings a spirit and feeling of peace and serenity.  It is like no place else on earth.  For more pictures and details of the new Tijuana, Mexico LDS Temple please click here:
~ C.J. Poulsen

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Monday, November 2, 2015

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Miami's 8-Lateral Touchdown - Enduring to the end

Miami's 8-Lateral Miracle Kickoff Return Touchdown To Beat Duke

Have you seen this yet?  As a sports fan I love seeing the highlights of well-played games that come down to the wire like this amazing touchdown from Miami.  This was incredible to see the talent and speed of these athletes.  They zigged and zagged to move the ball down the field, score a touchdown, and ultimately walk away with the victory!  Miami ENDURED the final seconds of play because of teamwork, dedication, and diligence to reach their goal and score no matter what!

I love sports and what we can learn from them.  I played both football and basketball while growing up and throughout my high school years.  I was taught many principles that have since helped me in my journey through life.  Maybe you can think of a few lessons you've learned from sports also...? 

Just as this football team ENDURED, I want to talk about ENDURING to the end.  What does this mean to you?  Life is a journey of ups and downs.  We all face challenges and trials that TEST us to our very core.  How do we overcome the blows that life throws at us?  How do we endure to the end and live a life that is full and rich?  How can we leave a legacy and rest-assured we've done all that we can in this life to grow and progress?

 I am grateful for those who have gone before us and left us examples and illustrations of overcoming doubt and difficulty.  We are not left alone on this earth without a play book.  A loving Heavenly Father has given His word to us.  The holy scriptures are filled with faith-promoting stories that help us draw near unto Christ.  If we allow Him into our life, He is on our team to WIN and HE will carry us through the rough patches of life.  Yes...there will be stains on our uniform and YES, we will get knocked down more than once as we face life head on.  But as we get on the strait and narrow path and walk with Jesus Christ we can, with His help, endure to the end.

Click Here for full details of Lehi's Dream

This is one of my favorite stories illustrating Lehi's Dream in The Book of Mormon regarding the last symbolizes the significance of grasping the iron rod (God's word/Scriptures) and enduring to the end so we may taste the fruit of eternal life.  Living in the world but being not a part of it can be very challenging but with God all things are possible.


 And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.  D&C 14:7

The Doctrine of Enduring to the End

The gospel of Jesus Christ includes enduring to the end as one of its bedrock doctrines. Jesus taught, “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” 1 And, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”   John 8:31. 2 Some think of enduring to the end as simply suffering through challenges. It is so much more than that—it is the process of coming unto Christ and being perfected in Him.
The Book of Mormon prophet Nephi taught: “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.” 2 Ne. 31:203

~ C.J. Poulsen  
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

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The Holy Temple ~ a place of beauty and peace

I Love to See the Temple

  1. 1. I love to see the temple.
    I'm going there someday
    To feel the Holy Spirit,
    To listen and to pray.
    For the temple is a house of God,
    A place of love and beauty.
    I'll prepare myself while I am young;
    This is my sacred duty.
  2. 2. I love to see the temple.
    I'll go inside someday.
    I'll cov'nant with my Father;
    I'll promise to obey.
    For the temple is a holy place
    Where we are sealed together.
    As a child of God, I've learned this truth:
    A fam'ly is forever.
    In these beautiful and simple words lie truth for all who will hear the Master's voice and Come Unto Him.  My children love this song and ask me to sing along with them often.  I am grateful for their learning and understanding of these holy temples at a young age. 
    The Holy Temples are sacred edifices where our Heavenly Father's love is manifest.  The temple is symbolic of our Savior, Jesus Christ as they illuminate Light in a darkened world.  They shine brightly as an invitation to all who will come forth and partake of the blessings found therein.  Inscribed above the entrance is Holiness to the Lord - The House of the Lord.
    The temple represents purity and wholeness and is a type of how we should live our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Disciple comes from the root word - Discipline.   Discipline is necessary to conduct a life worthy and righteous to enter His holy house.  
    The following verses speak clearly on what we are admonished (challenged) to do to receive the blessings of the temple:
     119 Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;
     120 That your incomings may be in the name of the Lord; that your outgoings may be in the name of the Lord; that all your salutations may be in the name of the Lord, with uplifted hands unto the Most High.
     121 Therefore, cease from all your light speeches, from all laughter, from all your lustful desires, from all your pride and light-mindedness, and from all your wicked doings.

    I testify that the temples around the world are the House of the Lord.  His spirit is manifest inside the holy walls.  His work to redeem the dead is being performed daily to bring redemption to those who past through this life without hearing and accepting the saving ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

    40 There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.
     41 There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

    The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians

     29 Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead? 

    The work of salvation is alive and well.  It is moving forward daily so that God's purposes may be accomplished.  I am grateful for my understanding and testimony of His work and that I can be a part of proclaiming the truth to those who haven't heard.  I invite you to come and learn more about Christ's restored gospel.  It changes man's heart and puts us each on a path to walk with the Lord.  ~ C.J. Poulsen

     39 For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. 
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Monday, September 7, 2015

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Mountains to Climb ~ High on the Mountain Top

A couple of weeks ago my family reunited in Idaho for our annual Poulsen reunion.  My wife and I were in charge of planning it this year.  We decided to have a theme, "High on the Mountain Top," and base the reunion around this idea.  We wanted each family member to come and go from our weekend together strengthened and uplifted in their testimony of Jesus Christ.  Without mom present physically this year we also wanted an eternal message taught to invite the Holy Spirit so we could feel her presence better too.  As we planned and discussed this idea we realized that each one of us face trials and challenges.  We know that Satan is real and as the world around us continues to accept evil practices and slip further into darkness and moral decay we must focus on rising above these things and anchoring our faith in Jesus Christ.  Without Him we are nothing and would not be able to make it through life's challenges.

Our morning began with all of the men driving to Alta, Wyoming to play a round of golf at Targhee Village.  It was a beautiful summer morning at the base of the Grand Tetons.  We always enjoy each others company swinging the clubs and reminiscing.  We joked around as usual and all tried to hit it consistently down the strait and narrow!  The women and children met us there a couple hours later and we headed to Grand Targhee Ski Resort where we rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain.  Once arriving at the top we had a nature tour, lunch, a spiritual devotional, and did some hiking and exploring.

Our spiritual devotional consisted of each father preparing a 3-5 minute talk on the following principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ: Raising our personal banner of righteousness, Jesus Christ's Example as a light to the world, Faith in Christ and Repentance, Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, Preparing to enter the temple, Temple Marriage/Sealing, and Enduring to the End.

Alma 34:32-33
 32 For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors.

 33 And now, as I said unto you before, as ye have had so many witnesses, therefore, I beseech of you that ye do not procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end; for after this day of life, which is given us to prepare for eternity, behold, if we do not improve our time while in this life, then cometh the night of darkness wherein there can be no labor performed.

When a person stands atop a mountain top it is very easy to see for miles and have a knowledge of his or her surroundings.  It is easier to get a glimpse of the world around us when we've risen to new heights and can see life from a new perspective.  Each day is a climb through life's journey.  As we accept the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ and hold fast to what He asks us to do it becomes easier to endure day by day.  The holy temple symbolizes Christ and the climb to a higher spiritual plane where we can gain deeper understanding and knowledge concerning our purpose here in this life.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we feel blessed to have Christ's restored gospel back on the earth.  And because the Holy Ghost has witnessed of its truthfulness we have a deep desire to share it with others, so they too may find the peace and happiness we have found from its teachings.

Living a life in alignment with the Church of Jesus Christ and its standards is not easy in a world with differing opinions and opposing viewpoints.  Many family and faith values have been trampled on as Satan seeks to destroy these fundamental units of society. There is a spiritual war happening daily between good and evil.  If we are to live on the Lord's side we must hold up our banner of righteousness and Choose the Right.

Since my mother's passing from this life to the next, I have had a deeper desire to try a little harder and be a little better.  I have made a personal commitment to increase my personal righteousness.  I love and miss my mom daily.  I want her to be well pleased in my decisions and actions.  I want to stand atop the mountain a raise a banner of good news and share with others the joy I've found by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Today was a beautiful day from sunrise to sunset. Many of us joined to honor and celebrate the life of my beautiful mother, Jana Poulsen whom I love so dearly. I have missed her smile and presence all week as our family has been joined together. This is her favorite thing for us to do- get together. I am so grateful for the peace and spirit that has comforted my family and uplifted us. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is real and I've been a first hand witness of it all week. Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and concern, thoughts and prayers. It is truly a blessing and much needed. My moms funeral services were a beautiful tribute to her today and I know she is smiling down on us. I LOVE you, mom - you're the best and have left a strong legacy -goodnight. -Sept 6, 2014
A year has past since this original post...I am so thankful for good parents who raised me in a home full of love and support. My mother loves family and loved for all of us to be together. She wanted nothing more than for us to be happy and to love one another. She knew the gospel of Jesus Christ was the foundation of a happy and peaceful home. This picture represents her accurately as she always had a beaming smile. I am so grateful for her example to me to love the Savior, Jesus the Christ and to follow His teachings. The spirit of the Holy Ghost has comforted me and strengthened me over the past year. I miss her daily and long to reunite and see her again. Love you mom! ‪-#‎familesareforever‬ ‪#‎LDSFam4ever‬ ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎mom‬
-Sept 6, 2015

 The hymn, "High on the Mountain Top," gives some great insight on God's word and work rolling forward to fill the ends of the earth.

  1. 1. High on the mountain top
    A banner is unfurled.
    Ye nations, now look up;
    It waves to all the world.
    In Deseret's sweet, peaceful land,
    On Zion's mount behold it stand!
  2. 2. For God remembers still
    His promise made of old
    That he on Zion's hill
    Truth's standard would unfold!
    Her light should there attract the gaze
    Of all the world in latter days.
  3. 3. His house shall there be reared,
    His glory to display,
    And people shall be heard
    In distant lands to say:
    We'll now go up and serve the Lord,
    Obey his truth, and learn his word.
  4. 4. For there we shall be taught
    The law that will go forth,
    With truth and wisdom fraught,
    To govern all the earth.
    Forever there his ways we'll tread,
    And save ourselves with all our dead.
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Why do Mormons build Temples?

Have you ever wondered why Mormons build temples?  Did you know that we do?  Perhaps you've passed by one and wondered to yourself what is that big, beautiful building...?

If these questions have ever come to mind, please take a few minutes and watch this video explain the WHY behind our temple building across the earth.

When I think of the word temple these words come to mind: peace, sanctuary, refuge, holiness, house of worship, beautiful, happiness, joy, solitude, reverence, faith, gratitude, rejoicing, light, truth, CHRIST.
Temples are holy and sacred edifices built amongst a world that lies in darkness and sin.  For myself, as a Latter-day Saint, I find great peace and comfort going to the temple.  It allows me to ponder and reflect upon the often asked questions; Where did I come from?  Why am I here?  What is the purpose of life?  Where do I go after I die?
It gives me an opportunity to put aside the things of this world; my job, the worldly distractions that abound, temptation and sin, life's stresses, and other temporal pursuits.  I can focus on the things of God, prioritize my life, and recommit to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ more wholly.

As I serve in the temple it helps me to be more selfless and set aside my personal, selfish desires and agenda of the day or week.  I am reminded of scriptures and principles that are taught therein like faith, hope, charity, gratitude, and humility.  Each time I go I feel a little more full of faith, hope, charity, gratitude, and humility.  For this I am very thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who knows better what I need than I fail to recognize at times to progress in this life.  As mortals, we all fall short of the glory of God.  We live in a fallen world where sin and temptation abound.  Gratefully, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to overcome death and sin.

John 3:16 ¶For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

He loves each one of us so much, unconditionally, and has laid out a plan of happiness and salvation.  The holy scriptures are our road map for making it safely back to him in an eternal, Heavenly state. 

See how one sister recently accepted Christ into her life and converted to His restored gospel:

The temple is very symbolic and stands as a beacon of light and truth in a darkened world.  The temple points us to Christ and teaches of Him.  Just as the Savior proclaimed that He is the way, the truth, and the life...
  • John 14:6

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Latter-day Saints we seek to follow His ways and His teachings so we may return to the Father:
  • 2 Nephi 25:26

    26 And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

I am thankful for my testimony and knowledge of these things I have shared with you today.  If you know someone who may be wondering the same questions posed at the top of this post...please share this link with them.  I know that God lives.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world.  I know that He Lives and loves each one of us.  I know that He has restored His church back to the earth with the fullness of His gospel.  I know that temples are sacred houses built unto God to help further His work.  And I know these things because I have prayed about them and the Holy Spirit has witnessed unto me that they are true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

~C.J. Poulsen
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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Because He Lives

Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world...all who have ever lived, are living now, or will live upon the earth in the future will rise from death and live again Because of Him!
I am grateful for the love and sacrifice Jesus was willing to offer in our behalf.  As the only perfect being to walk the earth and submit His will to the will of the Father, He took upon Himself the sins of all mankind.  He then died upon the cross after suffering pain and torment by being scourged and beaten to rise again on the 3rd day.

I have faith in Jesus Christ and know that He LIVES...He LIVES who once was dead.  I am grateful for this knowledge that I have received from the Holy Ghost that bears witness of truth.

John 14:26
 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

We learn about the fruits of the spirit in the book of Galatians in the New Testament.  I have come to a knowledge that my Heavenly Father speaks to me when I have ears to hear and eyes to see.  The fruits are present when the spirit speaks to my soul. . .the promise to each of us is to knock and it shall be opened, ask and ye shall receive. 

Galatians 5:22-23
 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Each of us seek for answers to life's questions...

This coming weekend we can learn and find answers from living prophets and apostles who have been called to testify as special witnesses of Christ to all the world.  I invite you to come and listen, regardless of your religious affiliation.  Their messages are for all people on the earth.  Come and listen to a prophet's will be glad you did!

One of my favorite songs, "I will Rise" is below from a great artist, Alex Boye.  
It gives me chills each time I listen but fills my heart with peace and hope!


~ C. J. Poulsen

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

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Anxiously Engaged in 2015

Today I had the opportunity to lead our discussion in Elder's Quorum and ring in the New Year!  Happy New Year 2015!

As I prepared my thoughts my mind kept being directed to the term "Be Anxiously Engaged" as we discover in the Doctrine and Covenants.  I decided this would be the foundation of our discussion.  The scripture below is powerful and appropriate as we set new individual goals and resolve to change and become better people and priesthood holders.  As priesthood holders and members of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ we have a great responsibility to live life on purpose and not idle away our time here upon the earth.  We have a message to tell the world!  It is one of glad tidings and good news!

Below are some of the thoughts I shared with the Elder's in our quorum at church...
GOALS 2015
27 Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; - D.C. 58:27

The first step in selecting a goal is to think about the way we are living and decide how to improve. We can then select personal and family goals to help us improve. If we want to become stronger spiritually, for example, we should examine our spiritual strength and set appropriate goals for improvement. In doing so, we might consider the following questions:

  • Do I pray as often as I should?
  • Do I know what the prophet says, and do I follow his counsel?
  • Do I read/study the scriptures regularly?
  • Do I faithfully carry out my priesthood assignments?
  • Am I honest in paying tithes and offerings?
  • Do I think clean and worthy thoughts at all times?
  • Does our family hold family home evening every week?
  • Has our family been sealed in the temple and how often do I go? 
  • Am I preparing to go to the temple?
  • Is our family preparing others to receive the gospel?

Suggestions for planning a day:
  1. Set aside a quiet, prayerful time each morning for planning.
  2. Focus on what you need to do that day.
  3. Write what you need to do on a task list.
  4. Prioritize your list.
  5. Use your time wisely to accomplish the most important items.

Points to Ponder

ü  What are the top 10 priorities in your life?
ü  In what ways are worthwhile goals important in achieving eternal life?
ü  In what ways can you better manage your time?
ü  What are some less-important activities that consume too much of your time?
ü  Why is the wise use of time an eternal concern? 

We should all constantly evaluate our progress. To live righteous lives and accomplish the purposes of our creation, we must constantly review the past, determine our present status, and set goals for the future. Without this process there is little chance of reaching one’s objectives”
 – Elder O. Leslie Stone

"Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace." 
                                                                                       -President Benson

None of us are perfect and are all at different places in our spiritual progress and journey here in this life.  The following scripture from The Book of Mormon is reassuring as it teaches us that we learn line upon line and precept upon precept.

30 For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth I will give more; and from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which they have. 

In recent years we have been reminded by our leaders that a significant prophecy is being fulfilled in our day. The Lord said: “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time” (D&C 88:73). To hasten is to urge on, to accelerate, to move or act quickly.
Specifically, the Brethren have called upon the Latter-day Saints to hasten the work of (1) reaching out to those who may not now enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel; (2) extending the blessings of that gospel to those who have died without the opportunity to receive its requisite covenants and ordinances; and (3) searching out and caring for the poor and needy among us.

As an opening challenge to the New Year we asked each Elder to take 2 copies of The Book of Mormon and mark the following scriptures which answer 23 Questions that people wonder about.  We also asked them to record their testimony in the front of the book and then to give them out to people who haven't had the chance to read from its pages yet.  It is part of our duty and admonition to Flood the Earth with this 3rd witness or Testament of Jesus Christ, The Book of Mormon.  It is a companion book of scripture to the Holy Bible.

1.           How can a person know that The Book of Mormon is true?
               (Moroni 10:3-5[p. 529].)
2.           What is the purpose of man's existence? (2 Nephi 2:25 [p. 59].)
3.           What happened in America when Jesus was born in Bethlehem?
               (3 Nephi 1:15-21 [p. 408].)
4.           Why was Jesus Christ baptized? (2 Nephi31: 4-9 [p. 113].)
5.            Do little children need repentance and baptism?
                (Moroni 8:1-24 [pp. 525-26].)
6.            What do we witness "Unto the Father" by being baptized?
                 (2 Nephi 31:10-14 [pp. 113-114].)
7.             Just what is the gospel of Jesus Christ? How did the Savior explain what it is?
                (3 Nephi 27:13-21 [p. 459].)
8.            Why was the atonement of Jesus Christ necessary?
                (2 Nephi 9:4-14 [pp. 72-74]; Alma 34:8-17 [pp. 293-94].)
9.            Who were the "other sheep" referred to by Jesus as recorded in John 10:16?
                 (3 Nephi 15:13-24 [pp. 437-38].)
10.           What happened in America when Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem?
                  (3 Nephi 8:5-23 [pp. 422-23].)
11.            How can a desire to believe develop strong faith?
                 (Alma 32 [pp. 288-91].)
12.            To what extent are men accountable for their choices and their actions?
                 (2 Nephi 9:25-27 [p. 75]; 2 Nephi 2:27 [p. 59]; Helaman 14:30-31 [p. 403].)
13.            How can a person turn his personal weaknesses into strengths?
                 (Ether 12:27 [p. 510].)
14.            Why should we not procrastinate our repentance?
                 (Alma 34:30-41 [pp. 295-96].)
15.            What should we pray about? (Alma 34:17-28 [pp. 294-95].)
16.             How did a prophet who lived in 600 B.C. describe our day?
                  (2 Nephi 28:1-32 [pp. 106-109].)
17.             What happens to our spirits at death? (Alma 40:11-14 [p. 308].)
18.              What will our bodies be like in the resurrection?
                  (Alma 40:23 [p. 309].)
19.              How can God be both just and merciful? (Alma 42 [pp. 311-13].)
20.              Are we saved by grace, by works, or both?
                  (2 Nephi 25:23 [pp. 99-100].)
21.              Does the Lord always protect the righteous from the unrighteous?   
                  (Alma 60:12-13 [p. 359].)
22.              In a world with so many conflicting voices, how can a person judge what is good and               what is evil? (Moroni 7:14-19 [p. 522].)
23.              Does the Bible contain all of God’s word? (2 Nephi 29 [pp. 109-111].)

I know that The Book of Mormon is true.  I have had the privilege of reading it many times and studying its pages in unison with The Holy Bible.  The three testaments together strengthen my faith and testimony in our loving Heavenly Father.  The Book of Mormon is an ancient record of a people who journeyed from Jerusalem 600 B.C. to the Americas.  It is a fascinating genealogy of records kept testifying of Jesus Christ and His gospel message to the inhabitants of the earth.  I challenge you to accept your FREE copy and begin reading this New Year!

~ C. J. Poulsen

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