Sunday, October 26, 2008

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We saw it!

Fireproof-My wife and I went on our date last night and saw the new movie. Although some parts were cheesy and the acting wasn't the best throughout, the moral of the story was very good. I would rate it a must see for all married couples or engaged couples. "Never leave your partner behind" was the motto or tag line in the movie and it's true. When a man and woman get married-they become one-united in life and love. And I believe when a couple wants to accomplish anything in life they can with faith and hard work.

I am challenging myself to "love" my wife more through serving her more often and try to reduce my selfishness. The movie points out a lot of accurate points in general I think for most relationships. We are all selfish in our own ways. "We" and "us" has to be priority over "I'' and "me."


weloveadoption said...

This is a great blog. Thanks for letting us know about it. It is a great way to share the gospel truths and your testimony. Hope things are going well with you.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Very nice Christopher! What a wonderful idea. I think you are an example to all of us as you put the gospel as a central part of your life. It is amazing to see how many people in the world don't have the gospel and are "searching" for something more. This is a great way...even if it only touches one person! I enjoyed reading this and I think I will tell Brett we have a date to the movies! Did you get my message about the computer?

johnandjana said...

This is neat that you are doing this blog. You are a great example and you know how to share the gospel. You aren't afraid to let people know how you feel, that is good. We will have to watch for this movie.

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