Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Family. Isn't it about time? As life progresses for each of us we tend to be distracted by the many things life throws at us. Everything in society seems to be luring our attention. Hollywood's portrayal has led many to believe "it's meant to be this way!" I'm here to say its not.
Most families are under attack and some are being broken up by Satan's great evil design to do such a thing. He doesn't want happy families and strong marriages, but rather to destroy them one by one. What a scary thought!

In my line of work I have the opportunity to see many people everyday from all walks of life. Its interesting to note how different each family and home is. People are very interesting creatures. Overall, many seem to be leading very happy, prosperous lives which is great. There are, however, also those who are struggling, maybe with a child or spouse.

Although I haven't seen this movie yet I am recommending it before hand. I plan on taking my wife to see it this weekend because of the moral of the story behind it. In an ever-increasing divorce rate world and broken up families in society, it looks as though many marriages could be strengthened by it. Are we up to the fight against the evil one? Husband and wife together? He wants us to be miserable like unto him. More on this topic when I return from the big screen.

My wife and I are always seeking for ways to strengthen our relationship and marriage. We feel it is fundamental and essential considering FAMILY is the fundamental unit of society. I hope you're enjoying these posts each day. As a reminder, I am keeping this blog to help strengthen my own beliefs and faith and hope to lift and touch others through my postings. Please feel free to comment as you please.

21. Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed. --3 Nephi 18:21--

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