Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Spiritual Whirlwinds - Stand firm in your FAITH in Christ

We live in a time where evil, hatred, and violence are swirling about us.  The world is in commotion.  Satan knows his time is short and he is working in full force to split apart families and insert divisive wedges between relationships.  He wants us to be miserable like unto himself.  He wants to derail us from the pathway that leads to happiness, fulfillment, and joy.  

This battle is not new and from the beginning he has been waging war against faithful followers of Christ.  In the beginning he was trying to take away our agency.  Today he is trying to destroy our happiness and spiritual progression.  We live in a fallen state and must choose daily who we will serve and follow.  He wants us to oppose the plan of our maker and follow the ways of this world.  He is very good at what he does in blinding the hearts and minds of many...

BUT... we do NOT have to heed or follow his enticings.  We are taught that there is opposition in all things.  We know that wickedness never was happiness.  We can overcome evil by exercising faith in Jesus Christ and following His teachings.   As we act in faith and repent of our wrong doings we are empowered with the armor of God to withstand the storms of life.  

2 Nephi 10:23

23 Therefore, acheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are bfree to cact for yourselves—to dchoose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life.
Opposition the action of opposing, resisting, or combating; antagonism or hostility. 

2 Nephi 2:11 For it must needs be, that there is an aopposition in all things. If not so, my firstborn in the wilderness, righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility.

Jesus Christ invites each of us to Come Unto Him.  He stands at the door and knocks but we must open the door and let Him into our lives.  I bear witness that when we turn unto Christ, He turns to us with open arms of love.  He wants to help us and lift us.

Revelation 3:20

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and aopen the door, I will bcome in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
As we build our lives upon the foundation of Christ and His teachings we are able to bear the burdens that we face.  We are able to withstand the fiery darts of the adversary and find strength and peace through His spirit.  We are set free.

"I am the light of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life."

- C. J. Poulsen

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