Monday, September 20, 2010

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Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth

Max n me'

The past six months have been a tremendous blessing for my wife and I. With the birth of our newborn son, Maxwell, my perspective about life has definitely changed. As a new father, I feel a close bond and love towards my son unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have a deep sense of gratitude and love for the miracle of birth and life.

I am so grateful for the privilege and opportunity our Heavenly Father provides us to be parents as He entrusts us with one of his sweet spirit children. I love my little guy more than words can describe. He is so innocent and perfect!

In an ever darkening world, we must hold up the torch of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. We must, by example, follow the Savior and have His image in our countenance so our children may know where to look for refuge. The light and truth of the gospel will offer a shield of protection from the fiery darts of the adversary.

As parents we have a duty and responsibility to train, teach, and raise children in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our imperative calling as parents to love and nurture our children and lead them in light and truth.

In the past few weeks, my son has begun crawling and making funny noises with his mouth. I love watching him change and grow. It brings so much joy to my heart. I have now gained a small glimpse of what our Heavenly Father must feel towards each of us and especially to His only Begotten Son in the flesh, Jesus Christ...the Savior of the world. I know that Christ lives and died for you and me. I know that He is our perfect example of righteousness to follow.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Being a parent is a tremendous blessing! I LOVE IT!!!!!

johnandjana said...

Great advice. It is awesome to be a parent.

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