Friday, February 12, 2010

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Temples- A key part in the Restoration of Christ's gospel

Temples were built in Old Testament times and have been part of God's plan from the beginning. So, what is the purpose of Temples?

Today, in modern times, the gospel of Jesus

Christ has been restored to the earth and temples are a key part of the work of the Lord taking place around the world.

Temples are a place of worship where Latter-day Saints are allowed to enter and perform saving ordinances for the living and the dead. These Holy edifices stand as a beacon of light to the world and symbolically represent Jesus Christ. On each temple is etched the words, "Holiness to the Lord," because it is His sacred house.

I enjoy going to the temple. It is a sanctuary of peace, a place of refuge from the storm of commotion all around us in the world today. My wife and I went to the Idaho Falls Temple

this evening and I wanted to capture a few shots of it...

Enjoy. . . I want to learn more about temples.

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