Sunday, April 19, 2009

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God's Artwork! ~ Simply Magnificent ~

Courtney and I decided to take a Sunday drive around 7:30 pm tonight after a 2 hour nap. We drove around the Burton area and then went down by Bear World and the Snake River. Next we drove out through Menan and around the Buttes ('R' Mountain). During our drive I snapped a few shots. The moose and sunset were my favorite. We saw the moose along a canal bank in Burton.

Sunsets in Idaho are just beautiful! These photos were taken tonight on our Sunday drive!


Poulsen Family said...

I must have still been a little dozy on this drive because I don't remember it being this pretty.

robcallfamily said...

Those are way pretty pics. Is that a moose in the top one? Where was that at? I like the pictures a lot! Good Luck starting school today! I am so excited...NOT!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Nice pictures. You are always good at taking sunset pictures! Enjoy does end some day! THen you wish you could go just for fun!

johnandjana said...

Those ar great pictures and I know how you love the sunsets. Where did you go on your drive?

weloveadoption said...

You always love to take pictures of sunsets. That is also pretty neat that you saw a moose. We also went on a Sunday drive up Cub River but we didn't see as much beauty as you did.

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