Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Lehi's Dream!

Wow! This is an amazing dream found in 1 Nephi 8! The symbolism in this chapter of scripture is very interesting for everyone alive today. When it speaks of a great and spacious building and the mists of darkness I think of the world and the temptations of Satan. And then when it speaks of the tree of life and the rod of iron which leads to it I am reminded of Jesus Christ, eternal life, and the words of Christ that lead us there.

Today, like always there are only two sides, white or black, light or darkness, good and evil. There is no middle ground per say that is sitting on the fence in idleness. We are either going up or down, but never at a standstill. Each of us must choose to follow the Lord in righteousness or be enshrouded by evil, darkness, and captivity. It's very easy to find ourselves in the gray zone bouncing back and forth between the two or trying to hold one foot to each side.

Lehi's dream illustrates the latter-days that we're living in. I encourage you to go to this web page and read this chapter:
It is very eye opening!

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